Identity Series 4

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  • Prim Kiberu

    Woooooh i love the butterflies, they spell freedom to their God ordained destiny….well, back to “unstuck”….I testify that it is hard to get out of that place leave alone the pain….but the good news is it very possible to move out and its God’s much desire that we are set free. 15years ago i was an emotional maze of all you can imagine that befalls a child raised by a single mom, the community i lived in had a brand name for my family, without my knowledge poor little innocent me i was socialized into what i thought was real me…….one day/time/season God graciously “sat me down” took me through a 6 months lesson (see me for detail 🙂 🙂 …. i have never been the same…..I have continued on the road of transformation, and testify that its possible to be unstuck and fly like those beautiful butterflies. Thanks B3.

    • beatricebyemanzi

      Wow Prim! You have a powerful story. I hope you can share it with us some time. Being unstuck begins with total surrender to God. He alone is our freedom

  • bamodoi2012

    Well done Bee3, I know that this will mean so much to many. We can’t let anything but God’s word tell us who we are. Thank you – we should totally have this in the Harvest Post 🙂

  • Nicolas

    Growing old is a given, Growing up is a choice…Mine isnt so much of a question as it is a concern; I’m an introvert and have been so for as long as I can recall (that is not to say I know or have heard of people changing from introverts to extroverts and or vice versa)..As such I find myself having very few close personal relationships, I’m very soft-spoken with people I’m not close to..I would say what I lack in speech, I make up for in introspection & at times in writing. But like most people say, relationships require hardwork & time to build if they are to be meaningful. I recently had a disturbing idea though that the small number of good relationships I have might unconsciously translate into a sort of comfort-zone and eventually mirror into other aspects of my life like my work & in so doing as if stagnate me into a cacoon of comfort; so to say…I’m probably just worrying myself too much? I dont know what you have to say about that.

    Otherwise I know I’m just a stranger but you’re inspire me in many ways.



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