Identity Series 3

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  • idilaijuliusadupu

    thank you Beatrice…very honest and helpful especially for people who have not had a “proper upbringing” or who have had to deal with some form of rejection. i know because i’ve been there…keep writing, we’re being helped!

  • Prim Kiberu

    Thanks B3, i cant agree better. In reference to my life it has been and is a process of unfolding discoveries that surprise even me 🙂 I was telling my friends the other day that the dress that i wear doesn’t make me but rather i make it….in other words i could wear a very simple one and make it glamorous….if you know what i mean. I could drive a Toyota- vitz and make a Benz owner fall in love with it. All because i discovered and continue to discover that there is no other me that God created in HIS image.

  • Nathan Atuhaire

    “… but the truth is, the only power God gives us is SELF CONTROL: The only person you can control on a good day is you”..certainly cant be put any better. Thanks for the daily deep insights arising the hope and inspiration in this generation. Many blessings

  • Becky

    Beautiful piece.. I love it. If only we knew….thanks

  • Doreen Agaba (@agabado)

    Thank you very much am inspired



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