Extravagant Thanksgiving

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  • eobonyo

    Okay. I’m trying not to think. There is this babe I’m vibing. I thank God for that. I thank God for my family. I have never lucked ANYTHING. God has provided for me through my family for 21 years now and counting. true they can be annoying but if they don’t annoy me who will. I thank God for me. for the imagination he has given me and love that HE continues to shower upon. I thank God for worship harvest and what you are all doing in changing lives. For phaneroo and everyone preaching Grace. The sunset, the sunrise, my new iphone and laptop. For a continous smile he’s put on my mouth.

  • Stella

    Am GRATEFUL to God for my lovely, beautiful daughter and for my parents and seeing them through all their struggles with life. My sisters and brothers. My job and seeing me through all the challenges that come with it and being able to over come them and closing the day with my work accomplished. Thank you God for the gift of friends you gave me that know how to pray and keep sharing your word. And for all the blessings that you are yet to shower me with THANK YOU LORD. this list is endless….



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