Count Your Blessings

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  • Tony McGurk

    “It’s often easier to be aware of what we do NOT have, or what is NOT going right in our lives.”
    When I read this I couldn’t help think of what I either heard or read (can’t remember which) many years ago. It said that “Many think that when they don’t get what they prayed for God didn’t answer their prayers”. It continued on to say that “God always answers our prayers but sometimes the answer is simply No”
    I’m not saying that IS how it is but it does help us to consider a proper attitude to God & Prayer rather than viewing prayer as a means to GET what we want.
    Your post, while short has such a wonderful message Beatrice. It is so easy to take for granted the many blessings we have..

    • Tony McGurk

      P.S. Since leaving the Jehovah’s Witnesses 4 weeks ago & changing my focus from following a religion to following Jesus I’ve been reading a lot of Christian blogs & find them very encouraging & upbuilding. Thank you for the effort you’ve put into yours as you just never know who may read it & receive blessings from your words. I am now thinking of starting my own Christian blog or at least starting to add Christian/Bible based posts to my webcomic site.

  • racheal kizza

    “count every blessing one by one” this brings me to tears of joy because they are overwhelmingly many and God is all about an overflow#thanks for sharing, God bless you

  • thepearlsisters

    Amen woman of God, its so important for us to count our blessings, I know at times I do not do it enough! Great to see a fellow Ugandan sisters on social media representing Christ. I also have a blog for christian women, please do check it out.



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