Hi 🙂

Thanks for stopping by!

My name is Beatrice.

I’m a Wife & Mom, Leader & Communicator for now.

Over the years I’ve discovered a strong passion for people.

I like people. I believe in people. I want to invest in making people realize how powerful they are, and hopefully help them direct that power for positive change in their sphere of influence.

On this blog, I will mostly write about what I am learning on IDENTITY. FAITH and LEADERSHIP and share my story from time to time.

I enjoy learning about God, my husband (wink, wink), spending quality time with my little girls, teaching God’s word, being with family and friends

I also enjoy me some soccer (Go Manchester United J), reading, sharing my heart, mentoring young people, singing, and of course chocolate, ice cream, tea and Ugandan road-side roasted maize J.

You can also find me on Facebook or twitter and catch up.

Cheers !

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