The Battle Between Your Ears

Ever met a person who is CONFIDENT in who they are? They walk into a room and light it up. They are attractive. They may not be the best looking, but we are drawn to them. You and I know someone who for the fun of description, “wears” a bright yellow suit, a lime green shirt and red shoes, and we

Victory in praise

Did you know that the devil does not know what you are thinking until you speak? He will put all sorts of thoughts in your mind and keep waiting to hear which one you will empower through your words. I find this exciting. Why? It means that praise is a powerful weapon against the enemy. Because when

Speak Life

Words have so much power for good and for evil Many of us remember the most painful words people said to us,and their effect, as well as the most encouraging life giving words spoken over us, and their effect.

No one wants a powerful friend who walks around dropping bombs

Remember Your Story

Deuteronomy 6:10-12 Someone wise once said to us “The further you go into the past, the further you will go into your future.”
For me, going back into the past, does not mean awakening bad memories and pain. There are bad memories in the past,